The Trees They Will Lift You And Carry You Home

by Cult Party

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For best results, go outside.


released April 3, 2013

All songs written, performed and recorded by Leo Robinson between the early months of 2012 and spring 2013, with help from:
Matthew Brown (mixed drums for tracks 3 and 11)
Sian Matthews (sang on track 8),
Helena Raby (sang on Bonus Track),
Josh Barnett (recorded Leo's drums for tracks 3, 5 and 11)

Also thanks to Matt Wood, Star Trak Studios, Dressed Like Wolves, Correspondence Tapes, H as in Records and everyone who came to my shows.



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Track Name: She Sells Seashells
She sold winds cold on the seashore
But the surfers just wouldn't surf anymore
And the bathers prefer that the winds do not stir
So she'd sell them the sunlight instead, she swore

She sold rays gold on the seashore
But the bathers were growing increasingly poor
And the sailors preferred their backs stayed unburned
So the sunlight was locked up behind iron doors

She sold seashells to mothers and babies
But the shellfish thought her an evil, selfish lady
'Cause she sells their houses with the power she arouses
From dealing good weather to the men of the navy
Track Name: Rocking Horse
The rocking horse has grown so weary
Since we forgot how to play
He says "Why do you never come to see me?
And why did you have to go away?"

Oh rocking horse, oh rocking horse, I'm sorry
I'll come and wipe the dust off of your back
Though I have neglected your body
My memory of you is still intact

Oh please, Mr. Rocking Horse, forgive me
Is there nothing I can do?
He says "You can build me a friend to love
And then i guess I can forgive you

...And she must be the most beautiful rocking horse
The world has ever known
Then I'd have my perfect companion
And I'd never have to be alone"

So I chopped some wood and got building
But I'd never built a rocking horse before
And despite all my toils and efforts
She turned out crippled and deformed

But Mr. Rocking Horse said "Thankyou, you've done it
The most beautiful I ever saw"
Unspoiled by the world and its judgements
He'd never seen a rocking horse at all
And they loved eachother forevermore
Track Name: The Sad Prince
The princess would not leave with her saviour
And she did not much care that he saved her
"He's hopeless" she said, "his songs are so sad
And his eyes, they do cut me like razors"

"It's not true" she said, "that he cannot love me
though his heart does seem to be a little rusty"
So she sent him away and his songs grew sadder
And the void in his chest, grew madder and madder

So he left as she said and then he had no-one
Even his horse had fled from his mournful poems

But he found a girl outside the walls
She was walking down by the water
She was not a princess or a queen
But a modest farmer's daughter

And they sang all night in eachother's arms
And the storm in his chest grew slowly calm
Track Name: My Friend The Monster
I bargained with a giant monster
And so it was agreed
He'd see I stayed protected
I'd help him and he'd help me

He'd find me the sweetest apples
From the tallest tree
And when the moon was at its brightest
I'd brush his fur and clean his teeth

He placed me on the peak of the mountain
So I can see what he sees
He started to learn compassion
And he set the people free

My friend the monster made us free again
He saw that without servants, you're only left with friends
Until the very end
Track Name: Jack and Jill Go Swimming
Jack and Jill went swimming
All the water they could float in
And Jack could fall and fall
And his head would not get broken
Cause he floated on the water
Lover at his side
He and Jill would never tumble
But just float on through the night

They started up a punk band
The band went on tour
But Jill wanted to float and swim
Just like they did before
So she went and sold her drums
Got a ticket to the sea
Though Jack's head was not broken
His heart, well that's another story

Backstage, Jack was too sad
So he slipped out of the door
Went off to find his girl
And swim just like before
Track Name: Meadowshadow
There's a shadow in the meadow
There's a dark cloud in the sky
Guilty and impending
I've never truely seen the light

And I want to kill this demon
And set the poor sun free
But they say we need this cloud here
'Cause the finest food grows out here
They say we need this cloud here

Well I'd rather eat dirt in the sun
So I go grab my sword
There's a shadow in the meadow
And I can't take much more
The demon is slain and the sky's clear again
And the sun is no longer obscured
Track Name: The Old Fishing Boat
No words were spoke on the old fishing boat
The wise old man was bitter when he saw his grandson's catch
'Cause he fished there for a lifetime and only caught eels and crabs
And this young man had exceeded everything he'd ever done

The boy caught the biggest fish and put it in his grandpa's hands
It looked just like a whale, and the old man started to cry
'Cause he fished there for a lifetime and grew cold towards the world
And this young man, he did show him that success is nothing
Track Name: Light
Moths and butterflies flew to her face at night
'Cause she had the light
But only they could see it
her never-ending grace
And they saw it in the dark cave
shining through her face

And the fireflies felt as though they were one
With this light giving thing
But the people could not see it
They all seemed to be blind
To the glow that she was sharing
Through the beauty of her mind

And you see her in the sunset
Walking through the trees
No people at her side
Only hummingbirds and bees
Track Name: The Boy With Two Hearts
To the carnival they came from far and wide
On every train on the track and plane in the sky
To see a boy, but just a boy he is not
His blood it pumps from two beating hearts

And all that love could not be contained
His compassion so vast that he gave it away
All the souls that he met, he would show them how
To love themselves and all the people around

When all of a sudden his mood began to drop
But his lack of self forbode him to stop
He kept teaching and giving, and all of the time
His reservoir of love ran significantly dry

The boy with two hearts
Is almost out of love
His soul it is fading

I remember the day he gave to a girl
The last little drop of his gift to the world
He made her so happy, completed and free
Just like everyone else he happened to meet

Then the boy with two hearts
Lay down to die
There was nothing left
Of his love